Elise Candle Plume H9



Our Elise candles come in an elegant cylinder shape and full color and are produced in Belgium for a guaranteed quality and longevity. Read More

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Product description

The entire production of our candles is done in Belgium, with renewable energy. This local production enables a constant quality: every product is finished and packaged by hand. Also all candles are extruded. This production method guarantees the highest density of pure paraffin and thus ensures the longevity and most stable burning of the candle. All candles are full color as the results of a fusion bath that is of the same color as the exterior.

• To optimize the burning of the pillar candles we recommend you to light them for the first time for several hours (to not just burn off the wick)
• Available in following colors: Plume, Parchemin, Amanda, Fin de siècle, Vison and Marrakech


Length (cm) 0.01

Width (cm) 9

Height (cm) 9

Weight (kg) 0.48

Finish Plume